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The world has gone through a rapid transformation in the last few centuries, going through the Industrial Age, Commercial Age and now, arriving at the Financial Age. In this new decade, the importance of Capital Mechanism™ is evident – with many countries focused on growing SMEs into multi-national firms.


Asia is at the forefront of the world stage, with many companies in the area growing into Unicorns (companies valued at US$1 billion and above). The capital invested into Asian companies is especially of note, as they are poised for supernormal growth.


The focus of the world’s market started with Europe, then the Americas, and finally, the spotlight is now on Asia. 90% of businesses worldwide are SMEs, contributing up to 40% of national income in certain countries. PIF Capital is the trusted advisor for this underserved segment, as Educators and Consultants


Asia’s Specialized Management Consultancy, Education & Resources Platform for Small-to-Medium Enterprises

Teaching with words is not as good as leading by example. Leading by example is not as good as a positive environment.

The SME market is a vastly underserved market, although making up of 90% of the total number of companies in the world. PIF Capital is an internationally accredited TUV SUD-certified Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant (PSCMC/PMC) (Certificate No. SCMC-1704-P0113). 

PIF Capital believes that the key to a successful business is through upskilling of its management team and consulting on the company’s strategy. Through this, we help build sustainable businesses led by a knowledgeable management team. Through the combination of corporate training and management consultancy, PIF Capital helps SMEs to develop their potential in the areas of Capital, Profit, Talent and Keymanship (CPTK® Framework).


Trusted SME Advisor

PIF Capital offers services to assess your business health (AVG Report) and develop your business tool-sets (SAS FMP, M&A and ESMS), facilitated by our experienced Business Advisors.


Turning Business from
an Art to a Science

PIF Capital help entrepreneurs break through existing mindsets, training them for the challenges of the 21st century. We also provide 12 month group advisory sessions in a entrepreneurs’ roundtable.


Providing the
Business Networks

PIF Capital provides 1 ecosystem with 4 types of resources; Entrepreneur, Investor, Alliance Business Consultants (ABC) and Professionals community.

Targeting SMEs’ Challenges

These 4 areas constitute the CPTK® Framework (Trademark Pending), which are the bedrock of every successful business.



Traditional bosses use debt to expand their businesses – is it time they learn about Capital Mechanism™. PIF Capital’s programs teach the Mastering Capital Wisdom, helping entrepreneurs decide on the best financial mix for their companies (Debt, Equity, Trading and Working Capital). PIF Capital also consults with businesses that want to determine the best capital structure for their enterprises.



PIF Capital teaches and consults with entrepreneurs on several methodologies to solve complex business issues, such as inorganic growth, M&A, and fundraising strategy to determine the right next move for their companies. PIF Capital helps SMEs in the Enterprise Singapore (ESG)-approved Certified Business Areas of Business Strategy, Financial Management, Strategic Brand and Marketing Development and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).



PIF Capital is a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant (PSCMC) with TUV SUD in the area of Human Capital Development. We help entrepreneurs in retaining and motivating talent, such as establishing best practices, company cultures, setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Employee Stock Motivation Schemes (ESMS) consulting.



The founder is often the keyman and face of the majority of SMEs. Through our educational programs, entrepreneurs learn management strategies and the 8 Company Cornerstones of every successful business. We also provide services and tools for keymen in their daily operations. In addition, PIF Capital consults with entrepreneurs on succession strategies and estate planning.


The beacon at the shore, guiding you on your business journey.

Your Trusted Specialized Management Consultancy

PIF Capital is one of the only hybrid platforms for entrepreneurs, offering Consultancy, Education and Resources.

Trusted by Companies Around the World

Since its inception in 2016, PIF has been serving more than 1,200 partners across multiple countries, mainly from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. For entrepreneurs that are ready to take the next step with their businesses, there is no better time than now to join PIF Capital on your business journey. Here are our trusted partners and clients over the past half a decade with us.

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