Terms & Conditions

1. Please do not share the link to others.

2. Please turn on your camera during the preview events. PIF reserves the right to remove attendees who do not show their faces.

3. Please do not record or film during all preview events.

4. For BBT Combo purchases, the ticket is valid for one-time attendance of the event within the next one (1) week from the date of this invoice and full payment.

5. ALL payments should be made payable to PIF Capital (S) Pte Ltd.

6. All unused services after their validity will be forfeited and no refunds allowed.

7. PIF bears no liability for any lost or damages whatsoever incurred as a result of cancellations/postponement of events for any reason. The partners’ members agree to indemnify PIF and not hold PIF, or its agents responsible for any and all actions as outcomes of its event(s).

8. Partial payment with a deposit does not constitute confirmation of any services. Balance payment has to be received within 3 working days and non-compliance will result in auto-cancellation with no refund.

9. PIF reserves the right to change the terms and conditions whenever reasonable, necessary or appropriate to enforce and/or verify compliance with any part of this Agreement.

10. PIF reserves the right to change the event speaker without prior notice except insofar as to ensure that the replacement speaker is qualified and capable to deliver the said event(s).

11. For AVG report, a report will be given as a final deliverable within 1 month from the invoice date, whichever is earlier. A questionnaire will be provided in the first week after full payment and your responses will be incorporated in the AVG report. Should the questionnaire be not answered, a final deliverable will still be provided without the assessment of the financials and PIF shall bear no responsibility for the “incomplete report”.

12. For Capital SAS purchases, the Project Advisor will go through the progress note with partners’ members for attending the targeted date (s) at the time of booking. Any changes in attendance must be made through written notice of at least 7 working days and subject to PIF‘s approval.

13. PIF reserves the right to change the appointment date or venue of its meeting(s) through written notice to its partners at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.

14. The personal data and particulars of partners’ members, as released to PIF voluntarily shall be deemed to have been given and provided with the consent of partners’ members, for membership and marketing related purposes. PIF will safe keep, update and record (and use when necessary) in the ordinary course of business reasonably and for legitimate purposes.

15. By signing on this agreement, you are also deemed to have granted PIF the permission to use any recordings or videos involving you for marketing purposes whenever necessary, at the discretion of PIF Capital.