IPO is Not Graduation For An Enterprise

On the contrary, it’s the kickoff for your showtime – show your responsibility to investors and all that who trust in your enterprise. PIF is aspired to develop 300 IPOs and establish 300 education foundations. By achieving this, we positioned as an IPO developer to provide you with the right mix IPO strategies and IPO expertise. 

The Fast Track IPO (FT IPO)

There isn’t the best stock exchange for you, only the most suitable! It isn’t true that IPO process takes 3 years or longer, there’s a Fast Track IPO! The quicker the company complete the process the more chance it has to take advantage of a favourable market. 
Fast Track IPO is a whole new strategy developed by PIF Capital as a strategy move specially for SMEs even if they have yet to generate profits for their business.

The IPO Process

Pre Planning & Vision Builder

- Identify & Analysis
- Business Model Re-engineering
- Strategy Alignment


- Impact Evaluation


- Preparation of IPO
- IPO Strategy


- Performance analysis
- Tactical Alignment


- Impact Evaluation