BBT Combo – SGD 149


When you purchase our business breakthrough ticket, you are one step closer to achieving business breakthrough! Tackle the four obstacles to accelerate your business’ growth; learn how to:

  • Increase Capital without borrowing from the banks
  • Increase Profits without cutting costs
  • Attract, attain and retain talents like the MNCs without high pay
  • Increase level of keymanship to run your business without trial and error

These are 4 exclusive events you can participate when you purchase a BBT combo ticket (worth SGD$4980):

Embarking on an IPO is a must-know for all SME business owners. Learn about the 4 ways you can get your SME publicly listed and the strategies you can undertake as business owners to go public with your company.

Preview of Actual Event (PAE)
You will be exposed to 2 of our members-only Mastering Capital Wisdom courses where you will immerse yourself in the world of capital mechanisms. Learn what it means to build a Bankable business model as well as becoming an A+ Entrepreneur.

Employee Share Motivation Scheme (ESMS)
Learn the right ways to attract, retain and manage your talents through this 360 degree solution for Talent Management. Who knows your talent might invest in your company?

International RoadShow (IRS)
Learn directly from real entrepreneurs as they showcase their business pitch for potential investors.