Competition to Collaboration (C2C)

The valuation of your business is based on how you monetize and integrate your resource, instead of how hard you work. You will apprehend the concept of C2C, namely Competition to Collaboration. Through the process of converting your competitors into your collaborators, you will be able to integrate your resources and boom your profits as a Capital Mastermind!

Every Platinum Partners entitles to attend a 12 months Capital Mastermind event. This is an exclusive capital circle event that lasts for half a day and runs only once a month. There are a total of 12 capital plans in placed to upgrade your fundraising wisdom and transform your business model.

Benefits of Platinum Partners

  • Mastering wisdom in advancing from Capitalist to
    Capital Mastermind
  • Mastering strategies in fundraising solutions 
  • Mastering strategies in business transformation 
  • Mastering strategies in corporate restructuring 
  • Mastering strategies in exit, succession and disputes settlements
  • Mastering strategies in collaboration and integrating resources
  • Mastering strategies in up/down stream mergers and acquisition (M&A) and Collaboration IPO
  • Mastering strategies in turning Competition to Collaboration (C2C)
  • Access to international resources and strategic partners
  • Access to PIF’s exclusive inner circle of IPO Projects.