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A.V.G. Report

Assesment. Valuation, Growth

3 As

Company assessment

Analysis, BCG Growth /
Share Matrix, SWOT Analysis

Market assessment

Comparable Peer Group

IPO assessment

A-to-E Business Scorecard

3 Rs (Recommendation)

Business Model and Corporate Structure

Valuation (Financial Roadmap aka FRM)

Fast Track Growth

This report will better allow you to understand your company as-is, and recommends strategies moving forward. It starts with a preliminary online questionnaire to find out more about your company, and also consists of a one-time advisory session with our Business Advisor, who will analyse and propose new Business Models for your business, discuss your future plans with you, and more. The AVG Report cumulates in a 20-30 page report that will be sent to you for your perusal.


Strategy. Advisory. Support

The SAS department brings you the best of consultancy and professional services, using PIF Capital’s proprietary A-to-E Scorecard:

  • A+ MDA Team
  • Bankable Business Model
  • Corporate Structure
  • Delivery of Fundraising and M&A Strategies
  • Execution of Exit and Succession Plans
Tier 1:  Financial Master Plan (FMP)
  • Advisory sessions with accredited Business Advisory team
  • Proposal of new business models for your business
  • Developing a presentation for potential investors
  • Developing a Financial Road Map
  • Developing an investor deal sheet or investment teaser
  • Provision of a Term Sheet
Tier 2: Merger and Acquisition Strategy (M&A)
  • Advisory sessions with accredited Business Advisory team
  • Mapping FMP strategy to M&A strategy (if any)
  • Identification of potential partnerships, acquisition targets or JV partners
  • Consulting on business structure
  • Merger financial modelling
Tier 3:  Employee Share Motivation Scheme (ESMS)
  • Advisory sessions with accredited Business Advisory team
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Setting for management team
  • Human Capital advisory and benchmarking
  • Retention and motivation schemes for employees
  • Employee Stock Options framework
We are committed to delivering the highest standards of care and professionalism to our clients, developing strategies and solutions for them. we Build, Accelerate, Unlock and Maximize our client’s Business Valuations.

This is a 3-to-5 year partnership program with short-listed companies, in preparation for their public-listed journeys. The scope of the retainer fee will go into developing

  • A+ MDA (Management, Directors and Advisory) Team
  • Bankable Business Models
  • Corporate Structure
  • Delivering of Fundraising and M&A Strategies
  • Execution of Exit and Succession Strategies

PIF Capital carefully curates the companies that would like to start their public-listed journeys in the stock exchanges all over the world. As the IPO Consultant, PIF Capital initiates and manages the IPO execution teams from the legal, compliance, and finance industries, streamlining the public-listing journey. The services we offer are as follows:

  • Identify professional team consisting of sponsors, lawyers, auditors, placement agents, valuation professionals and printers (collectively known as the “Professionals”)
  • Assisting clients to prepare information and documents for the Professionals
  • Leading the liaison process for the IPO processes such as Due Diligence
  • Liaison and co-ordination between the client and the Professionals
  • Resolution of any issues between the client and the Professionals in the IPO process
  • Development of the client’s growth potential
  • Supporting the client’s entry into the Capital Market

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