Capital Resource Platform Structure - 1488 System

1 Ecosystem

Gain Wisdom of the Capital Markets Through Our Well-Established 1488 System.
PIF Capital presents you with our capital resources – an all-inclusive 1488 System which consists of 1 Ecosystem comprising of 4 Resource Platforms, which cover 8 types of Capital Wisdom and 8 Capital Wisdom Events. With this structured roadmap, 1488 system starts you on your journey to becoming a better and more knowledgeable entrepreneur!

4 Resource Platforms

1. Entrepreneurs Platform

  • Engage in entrepreneurs networking sessions
  • Explore new business ideas through peer-to-peer exchange
  • Be inspired to build a scalable, profitable and sustainable business
  • Obtain personal and business tips for challenges faced by business owners

2. Investors Platform

  • Connect with investors from around the region
  • Participate in international roadshows
  • Gain fundraising strategy skills
  • Network with entrepreneurs looking to invest

3. Strategic Partners Platform

  • Develop business development pipelines for your business
  • Facilitate investment projects to transform your business
  • Create collaboration opportunities to enter into new markets
  • Innovate transformative business models

4. Professionals Platform

  • Seek out talented professionals or consultants
  • Connect professionals according to corporate needs
  • Receive and exchange industry information 
  • Explore opportunities across different industries

8 Types of Capital Wisdom

8 Secrets of the Dragon

A+ Entrepreneurship

Be an A+ Entrepreneur with Wisdom of the Capital Markets

Business Model

Develop a bankable business model

Corporate Structure

Attract and recruit talents, raise capital and resources

Financial Roadmap

A projection and forecast of your growing business

Master Plan

A+ Business Plan for potential investors

Roadshow Skills

Skilfully showcase your business plan to investors

Road to IPO

Understand the mechanics and advantages of IPO

A+ Director & Management Team

Transform your business with an A+ Management Team

8 Capital Wisdom Events


Road to Capital Wisdom

Programs strategically developed by our founders aimed to educate entrepreneurs on their road to success, from business, spiritual to philosophical aspects of running a business.

Entrepreneur Visit

A field study to brings participants to explore well-established enterprises. A learning trip to gather insights from successful SMEs and MNCs to better benchmark your business with the industry leaders.


International Roadshow

An opportunity to practice your presentation skills by showcasing your business. Regularly held every month in Singapore and Malaysia, participants can practice their fundraising skills to potential investors and collaboration partners.

Investor Forum

A podium for our PIF’s members to exhibit their strengths and potentials to our inner circle of investors.


Capital Advisory

Each member of PIF Capital is allocated a Capital Consultant who provides them with up-to-date research and industry knowledge.

Business Development

Expand your business to overseas markets by connecting with PIF’s overseas network. PIF links you to our dynamic partners in China, Singapore and Malaysia, serving as the ideal resource matching platform for potential business development in the region.


Strategic Partners Platform

This is a platform designed for strategic partners to match resources with their needs. Through the synergistic effect of partnership, businesses can expand through the value add to Capital, Profit, Talent and Keymanship.

Charity Event

In PIF, we believe education is the apparatus “to lead the world out of poverty!” To PAY IT FORWARD, we encourage business owners to partner with PIF Capital to build educational foundations all over the world.