IPO Mastermind (IPOMM)

Positioned as an IPO developer, PIF is committed to lead SMEs in implementing capital mechanism in order to get prepared for an IPO. We have developed a systematic IPO plan that is tailor-made for SMEs. Even SMEs without exceptional profits can adopt specific IPO strategy and become a public listed company.

During the journey towards IPO, we provide strategies befitting each IPO project partners and assist them to manage relationship with IPO consultants, external and internal compliance professionals. Through our capital resource platform, project partners will know the secrets of listing without using own money and decode the puzzle for a successful IPO.

Just bring your ambition to PIF, we will offer you an all-inclusive approach to get listed on the stock exchange step by step. You will then be able to secure the highest returns for your stakeholders and stand out from the capital market!

Event Suitable For

  • SME entrepreneurs or business owners from all kinds of industries
  • Strategic business partners who are searching for collaboration opportunities
  • Investors who are looking for investment projects
  • Professionals who are hunting for potential partnership

Key Takeaways

In this 4-hour event, you will walk away with the following know-how:

  • 4 IPO teams that lead SME to develop IPO
  • 4 strategies of IPO customized for SME
  • 4 methods of IPO feasible for SME
  • Stock exchanges suitable for SME
  • Benefits of IPO favorable to SME