Get Ready for Our Webinar

Free Live Streaming Welcomes Worldwide Audience

Singapore 17 Feb 2020 – Learning opportunities should not be halted due to COVID-19. PIF will launch an ongoing series of virtual webinars that will start on 18 Feb 2020.

Webinar allows us to put a real face to our business, helping our customers or potential customers to closely connect with us. Our webinars will feature live video, slides, chat functions and conducted in both Chinese and English.

From the genuine values and quality contents we share, we hope our prospects can get to know us on a much deeper level so as to trust us in a much deeper way.

Through interactive communication, we would like to know more about your greatest needs and greatest challenges. In doing so, we can better tailor our services and advices to match.

This event does not require any travel. All you need is just an internet connection, an earphone and any desktop or mobile device, you can then access to our webinar for free!