Entrepreneur Visit

A field study that brings participants to explore the operation and business model of well-established enterprises. Learn from outstanding companies and start planning a better future for your business.

PIF advocates entrepreneurs to purposefully expose your business to different people, places, and ideas. Spark new ideas in your teams by immersing them in the way other organizations deal with issues in real life. Solve business challenges and implement new frameworks by introducing ideas gained from other organizations. Explore new opportunities with PIF’s Entrepreneur Visit today!

Event Suitable For

  • SME entrepreneurs or business owners from any industry
  • Strategic business partners who are searching for collaboration opportunities
  • Investors who are looking for investment projects
  • Professionals who are seeking for potential partnerships or job opportunities

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a new capacity to contextualize problems and optimizes existing strategies from other enterprises
  • Learn from new business models in action
  • Understand investment opportunities of different industries
  • Accelerate the growth potential of new IPs and technologies