This is a platform designed for strategic partners to match their resources. Through the compounding effects from resources integration, you can get ready to expand into new markets and achieve more profitable, scalable and sustainable business models.

PIF Capital offers you a platform to network with potential strategic partners, which allows businesses to put their resources together for different ventures. This enhances the chances of securing, funding and integrating ventures. By sharing operational and technical resources, as well as marketing and distribution channels with your strategic partners, entrepreneurs like you can save costs and time significantly, which can be better invested in to your core business, or even saved for further innovation.

Our Events Are Suitable For:

  • SME entrepreneurs or business owners from any industry
  • Strategic business partners who are searching for collaboration opportunities
  • Investors who are looking for investment projects

Key Takeaways

  • Create opportunities to seek new partnerships and form effective alliances
  • Increased market share and market access with new revenue streams
  • Acquire new customers and participate in new supplier-vendor relationships
  • Align and share resources within the partnership
  • Gain access to new technologies or intellectual property without expending own resources