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Since 2016, our forward-thinking founders have created a capital resource platform that gathers like-minded business owners and facilitate them to build A+ companies all the way to achieving IPO to truly enable the monetisation of resources. Here at PIF, we leverage on Equity Financing (The Art of Selling Shares to Raise Capital), and provide solutions to the four challenges facing businesses today.





These form the foundation of a successful business.
Success is when preparation meets opportunities and opportunities come from who you know. Hence, PIF welcomes you to join our exclusive circle of entrepreneur network and at our events where you not only get to expand your network but also discover the tried-tested-n-proven solutions to these four major business needs.

Our Testimonials

Why PIF? We give priority to our partner’s members to bring your business towards the road of IPO. We carefully incubated IPO projects and we are making sure the business owners are well aware with the procedures and know-how so as to master the skills to maintain or increase the share price and the valuation of their company after listing. An IPO is a transformational event for any company. While it may be viewed as the end of a journey, it really is the beginning of the next stage of a company’s development and life as a public company. 

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Since its inception in 2016, PIF has been serving more than 1,200 partners’ members across multiple countries, mainly from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. For entrepreneurs and business founders, there is no better opportunity to learn and grow than the one that is readily provided to you through membership in PIF. Here’re some of our partner members: