What PIF Capital Means to Your Entrepreneurial Journey!

Your Lighthouse in the Storm!

What worked before may not be feasible now; holding up the fort gets more trying across time. Traditional methods of running a business may be comfortable but this can only take you so far. Traditional Boss needs to take that first step beyond your comfort zone and leap towards to become a Capitalist. PIF is here to take you into a whole new world of possibilities. Breakthrough the limits of traditionality and enter into the capital market, and learn how to leverage on capital, external resources and talents

360-Degree Business Consultancy
leading Entrepreneurs from Zero-to-IPO2

Having an experience Business / Corporate Adviser makes a huge difference, in your planning and execution process towards a successful exit, such as IPO (that is an initial listing on the SGX Mainboard or Catalist, that is often costly, complicated and time-consuming process). Hence PIF has crafted a comprehensive, effective and responsive Project Partnership service to see though the IPO process.

Under our Strategy Advisory Suport (SAS), we offer you in three (3) tier packages which you can choose from. 
These programmes runs between two (2) months to nine (9) months:
– Fast-track mentorship – teaching fundraising skill and M&A
– Twelve (12) months of SAS and project advisory services
– 3-days Capital Wisdom and Capital Builder courses 
– Optional SAS project advisory
Tier 1:  Financial Master Plan
  • Developing a 3-5 years growth plan
  • Developing a company financial master plan
  • Developing a company teaser / pitch deck
  • Developing a template term sheet for potential investors 
  • Expression of interest 
  • Investor questionnaire 
Tier 2:  M&A Advisory
  • Identification of M&A targets
  • Consulting on corporate structure and shareholding structure
  • Identification of management structure and company goals
  • Financial forecast and financial modelling
Tier 3:  Employee Share Motivation Scheme
  • Role definitions and KPI setting for managerial level
  • Recruitment advice
  • Retention and motivation schemes for employees
  • Employee Stock Options framework

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of care and professionalism in the execution of assigned projects, and the following services are recommended to build, accelerate, unlock and maximise business valuation

A three to five years project partnership, where we will develop and implement jointly with the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) to ensure the Company is prepared for a public listing (“IPO”) and post public listing activities. 
Focus areas of the engagement includes:
  • Development of A+ Management Team
  • Development of Bankable Business Model
  • Corporate Structure Optimisation 
  • Delivering Fundraising support 
  • Exit plan Keyman succession plan 
We advise the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) to execute the IPO in either Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and USA as follows:
  • Source for suitable legal advisor, reporting accountant, sponsor, placement agent and if required independent financial advisor, public relations company, valuer and printers (collectively the “Professionals”), to be appointed by the Company;
  • Assist the Company in the preparation of information and/or documents required by the Professionals (as the case may be) during the due diligence process;
  • Assist the Company to liaise and co-ordinate the activities between the Company and the Professionals;
  • Liaise with the Company and the Professionals to identify and resolve any potential areas of difficulty likely to be encountered in relation to the Engagement; 
  • Source for suitable investor(s) together with the placement agent. 

PIF Capital is in the business of corporate training services

with a focus on training programmes relating to business management, and the provision of financial and business education programmes and capital resource platform.

We Have Created A Capital Resource Platform

based on an all-inclusive 1488 eco-system that consists of
4 resources platforms, 8 Capital Wisdom and 8 capital events:

1. Entrepreneurs Platform

  • Engage in entrepreneurs networking sessions
  • Explore new business ideas through peer-to-peer exchange
  • Be inspired to build a scalable, profitable and sustainable business
  • Obtain personal and business tips for challenges faced by business owners

2. Investors Platform

  • Connect with investors from around the region
  • Participate in international roadshows
  • Gain fundraising strategy skills
  • Network with entrepreneurs looking to invest

3. Strategic Partners Platform

  • Develop business development pipelines for your business
  • Facilitate investment projects to transform your business
  • Create collaboration opportunities to enter into new markets
  • Innovate transformative business models

4. Professionals Platform

  • Seek out talented professionals or consultants
  • Connect professionals according to corporate needs
  • Receive and exchange industry information 
  • Explore opportunities across different industries