Leading SMEs on their Entrepreneurial Journeys from Zero to IPO2

PIF Capital has guided more than 1,200 business owners in improving their enterprises through our Consultancy Services and Educational Programs. As the pioneering one-stop capital resources platform for business owners, we help them gain clarity, distill valuable insights and build resilient companies. Furthermore, our services value-add to businesses by bringing tangible results to the table, impacting both top and bottom lines.



To Be Asia Silicon Valley



To Develop
A+ Companies &
A+ Entrepreneurs



To Develop 300 IPOs & Establish 300 Education Foundations



To Lead the World out of Poverty through Education



P= Professionalism
I= Initiative
F= Forward Thinking

Our founder Guru’ Jonathan Por and our speaker Guru’ Grace Lim are both successful serial entrepreneurs. As the founders of Supreme Floors, Singapore’s top interior design materials company, they are the winner of multiple entrepreneurship awards and are in-demand business and motivational speakers around the world.

The impetus for starting PIF Capital was to educate business owners on running their business and overcoming adversity. “Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience running our initial business have led us to truly appreciate the pain points of being an entrepreneur.” muses Guru’ Jonathan, “It is through our Pay-It-Forward spirit that we would like to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs with the lessons we have gained from decades of growing businesses from Zero to IPO.”

PIF Capital is a 360-degree Capital Resources Platform that is tailor-made to SMEs, with our Founders’ goal of transforming entrepreneurs’ firms to A+ companies and leading them to IPO. This is in line with PIF Capital’s vision of developing Singapore into the next Silicon Valley, and subsequently, expanding to South-East Asia and the world.

To live up to the PAY-IT-FORWARD spirit, our founders plan to establish education foundations for impoverished children around the world, starting from South-East Asia. In the long term, PIF will gradually lead the world out of poverty by providing educational opportunities for underprivileged youths. Guru’ Jonathan and Guru’ Grace welcome all entrepreneurs to join the PIF Capital platform to build a better world together.

Your Capital Team

Our certified panel of advisors is your trusted partners in solving complex business issues. From Chartered Accountants (CA), Project Management Consultants (PMC) to MAS-licensed representatives, PIF Capital has deep experience in serving our clientele across various industries.

Guru' Grace Lim

Capital Developer / Speaker

  • ACCA since 1998
  • CFMAS Module 4A
  • PMC certified advisor
  • Co-founder of PIF Capital, Asia’s one stop capital resource platform
  • Co-founder of Supreme Floors Holding – Singapore’s No. 1 Wood Flooring Brand.
  • Advised numerous projects including Huamao Agencies Sdn Bhd, Hoyu Tire Corporation and The Lite Holdings (SG) Pte Ltd

Guru’ Richard Teo

Project Advisory

  • MAS licensed representative dealing with collective investment scheme& securities
  • More than 15 years of MNCs’ experience in Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance & Technology
  • Successfully conducted the IPO of Sheng Siong Supermarket on SGX mainboard, raising S$116M
  • Successfully conducted the IPO of Overseas Family School on SGX main board, raising S$72M
  • Successfully conducted reverse M&A of Great Eastern Life Chia at consideration of RMB 303M.

Bill Ho

Project Advisory

  • Former CFO of several Singapore listed companies, Memtech International, Suntec REIT, and Lee Kim Tah.
  • Chartered Accountant certified in both Singapore and Australia.
  • Extensive regional experience in the various industries, environment, digital, property and more
  • 5 years of experience driving key projects in China (Shanghai & Dongguan)
  • Facilitated in raising more than $100m
  • Engaged in more than 100 start-ups and small business in scaling up both product and business development

Toh Han Boon

Chief Financial Officer

  • Chartered Accountant(FCA) with ISCA
  • More than 14 years experiences in IPO, M&A in Ernst & Young LLP (EY)
  • Former Executive Director and CFO for Republic Healthcare, successfully bring the company to IPO(HK $312m market value) in HongKong Exchange
  • Team lead in structuring and soliciting buyers for US$55M privatization of Eng Kong Holdings ltd to a private equity firm.

Sasha Bao

Assoc. Director.

  • 7 years of experience in the Alternative Investments space (Venture Capital, Private Equity and Family Offices) as an investment and strategy role
  • Worked in several funds and large SMEs through the course of her career including Hong Kong-listed asset manager and family office, and Singaporean venture capital and private equity firm
  • Previously Corporate Development and Strategy for Singapore Smart City-solutions firm valued at S$500million, invested in by RRJ Capital.

Our Competitive Strengths

One-Stop Capital Resource Platform

Qualified, experienced and competent management team

Education programmes on business management, plus support and training programme

Resource Management – Build key management and talent management, time management, problem solving skills and more.

Financial Management Tools -KPI, budget and forecast, business models, and financial models, business plan and more.

Investor networking – Organise events to connect business owners with potential investors and venture capital specialist.

Philosophy of PIF Capital

Asia’s Leading Capital Resources Platform for Entrepreneurs |Merging Eastern Philosophy with Western Best-Practices

Standing from the Future, Looking at the Now.​

PIF Capital's ethos is two-fold, planning ahead of time and working from the future to envision your best present self. This translates to ample education for the company's founders and adequate business planning and counter-measures. PIF Capital strives to bring our brand of consulting and educational excellence to you, working collectively to bring your company's vision to life.

Starting with your Business Needs, ending the Journey with Satisfaction.

The everyday entrepreneur has many challenges, be it Capital, Profit, Talent or Keymanship (CPTK® Framework). Through analyzing your needs through our A.V.G. (Assessment, Valuation and Profit) Report and tailoring a solution to solve your business issues, PIF Capital becomes your trusted collaborator for the near- and long-term future.

Knowing your Self is akin to winning a Hundred Challenges.

There is an ancient Chinese phrase from the renowned philosopher Confucius, “Knowledge is knowing what you know, and knowing that you do not know.” Through PIF Capital's proprietary mix of Consulting and Education Programs, we prepare entrepreneurs by empowering them with the 1488® System, giving them the Knowledge, Tools, Skill-sets and Support Systems to poise them for exponential growth.